Album review: Kedr Livanskiy – Liminal Soul

Album review: Kedr Livanskiy - Liminal Soul

An extraordinary experience

Russian musician Kdr Livanskiy just released Liminal Soul, his fourth album. Livanskiy showcases her productive abilities throughout the album’s nine tracks, using sounds that could be from another planet. With haunting harmonies that float on a percussive and mechanical production, each song takes the listener on his own journey.

A rhythmic and electronic sound surrounds the third track, “Boy”. On this track, she sings about the breakup with a boy. Their relationship just isn’t working and there is no other explanation she can give. It’s the only song in English. The repeating electronic rhythm is easy to hear, kept in the background by the drums, and the edited vocals sound like another world.

Joined by Synecdoche Montauk on “Night”, Kedr Livanskiy creates an energetic dance rhythm. Like many other songs, she wrote and produced this one on her own. Synecdoche only joins her on vocals, while the two performers sing in a bewitching rhythm which is interrupted by percussive solos. His voice floats on the track and weaves a haunting melody.

On the next track, “Your Turn”, she is joined by Flaty for production, writing and vocals. She sings in Russian like many other songs on the album. This track features a soft melody that provides a nice contrast to the percussive accompaniment, which has a soft but energetic and dancing sound.

“Badlands” is a complete change in sound from the previous tracks on this album. It starts with a machine-like electronic intro that returns to smash verses and choruses. The track has a creepy industrial sound during those pauses, but while she sings the production is much smoother and melodic with chimes and vocals in the background.

“Storm Dancer”, the last track on the album, continues these industrial machine sounds. Intimidating and punchy, this song is mostly lacking in words. There are occasional backing vocals that float on the production, but the focal point is the mechanical production and the weird sounds.

With its intense percussion, electronic melodies and arsenal of strange sound effects, Liminal Soul really sounds out of this world. Overall, this is a great showcase of Livanskiy’s abilities as a producer.


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