Artist Gigi P Rivera’s song ‘BUT GOD’ offers melodic variety alongside captivating music video

Musical artist Gigi p rivera collaborates with fellow pianist and rapper LeeRoy Britt for their new song ‘BUT GOD‘defining devotional inspiration like no other.

Mupcoming usic artist and singer Gigi p rivera gives his audience a taste of his melody and his devotional tunes through the verses of his new track, BUT GOD. She collaborates with pianist and rapper LeeRoy Britt, paving the way for an exceptional and immersive range of musical opportunities. The song is thematically about their own struggles through life which portrays the best field of inspiration and motivation for the audience. Praising God, the two artists are also seen polishing their individual spaces in the accompanying music video. White is a dominant shade in the video which symbolizes the serenity and purity of devotion. However, the rapper then changes shape into a casual pair of shorts reflecting hip hop culture and his Protestant demeanor in the deepest way. The two blend together through the music and also the physical closeness in the video, giving it additional personalization.

The idea of ​​the clip for BUT GOD shows clarity and also represents new beginnings. Both appear as if they are singing the same song of glory. The beautiful collaboration is dynamic, melodic and above all natural. The lyrical verses alongside the painful piano keys make it an exceptional experience. The production is simple but stimulating, which allows each audience to find their own happiness and their own sense of motivation. Anyone looking for lifelong inspiration through a variety of musical notes and meanings should listen to this song. To follow Gigi p rivera on his official YouTube account to find out more.

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