Did the Dodgers just steal another productive pitcher from the Giants?

When the Los Angeles Dodgers swept Phil Bickford from the Milwaukee Brewers earlier in 2021, most fans really thought it was a ploy to troll the San Francisco Giants, who drafted the right-hander in the first round in 2015.

Bickford never pitched for the Giants and had a 27.00 ERA in two innings of work with the Brew Crew. On the surface at the time, it was understandable that the Dodgers were trying to play mental warfare.

But what has happened since? Bickford has become a key member of the Dodgers relieving box. He has a 2.11 ERA and a WHIP of 0.94 with 29 strikeouts in 22 games (21.1 innings).


Maybe the Dodgers like what they see of former Giants pitchers even more, as they’ve claimed another right-hander in Jimmie Sherfy this week.

We don’t hate it!

The Dodgers have picked up another former Giants pitcher in Jimmie Sherfy.

Sherfy, 29, was drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 10th round in 2013 and made his debut in 2017 and recorded a very strong 1.00 ERA and 0.93 WHIP in his first 27 matches (27 innings) with the team during the 2018 campaign.

But then came 2019 when he was bombarded to the tune of 5.89 ERA and 1.52 WHIP in 17 games (18.1 innings). He was nominated for an assignment a few months before the 2020 season and didn’t end up appearing in an MLB game that year.

He made his 2021 comeback with the Giants in mid-June and had a 1.04 ERA in his first eight outings (8.2 innings) before allowing four earned runs in his final two innings. work July 2 and 5. He was assigned a mission last week and the Dodgers rushed in, seemingly hoping to capitalize on his initial success June 13-28.

Sherfy’s arsenal consists of a slider (thrown 61.7% of the time), a four-seam fastball (37.1%), and a curveball (1.2%). Maybe the Dodgers like his slider peripherals, which feature an expected batting average of 0.195, expected slugging percentage of 0.283, and puff percentage of 22.2% this year.

Oddly enough? It is similar to Bickford in that it relies primarily on its four seams and slider. Did the Dodgers just find their middle of building the bullpen for the rest of the way? We’ll see how Sherfy performs over the next couple of weeks.

The Dodgers and Giants will face each other seven times before the trade deadline. Maybe we’ll have a double troll with Bickford and Sherfy eating innings in a few of these matches? Yes please.

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