FIRST | JAFFNA Empowers Listeners With Liberating Melodic Deep House Single, “Roots”

Last month we got our first glimpse of the up-and-coming Parisian duo, JAFFNA, when they released “You are together, “Out of their entry Odyssey album. We were so thrilled with the seductive groove that we brought the guys back for the premiere of the first single from their album, “Roots. “

This last offer is an ode to travel and self-discovery. The thundering tribal percussion immediately cultivates a sense of empowerment, while the slow surge of hollow chords and synths combine with haunting vocal cuts to foster the limitless potential held in our souls. The inspiring nature of this track is reinforced by the accompanying video clip from Visual Director Pauline Bricout.

This flagship track arrives a few days before the release date of the couple’s album, October 22. JAFFNA went on to mention:

The rest of our album is made up of several deeply personal elements, including a journey of sounds influenced by a classical Indian chant in ‘Byzantium’, while the main ‘frozen’ synth ostinato in ‘Oslo’ was inspired by the day. snowy winter typical of Norway during a visit to Stan’s brother.

Looks like our adventure has only just begun. Stream JAFFNA’s new single, “Roots,” below. Enjoy!

JAFFNA – Roots

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