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With the end of summer, the pressure is on to lock down anything that has been put on hold for the benefit of summer activities. School supplies are bought, last minute trips with friends are booked and that summer romance you weren’t so sure about? It’s official ? Is not it? Well… Ivy find out all about it on their latest single, “call it whatever you like.”

A perfect independent summer jam, “call it what you want” explores the anxiety that comes with finding a new relationship. On a relaxed acoustic guitar and catchy bass motif, lead singer Nathan Gagné so timidly sings “overthinking” and feeling “disappointed” that she didn’t know the status of her relationship. He asks, “Can we try to solve the problem? but is left unanswered each time. As the soft music eases the tension, we hope for the best for our confused protagonist.

The accompanying music video captures the innocence, but also the confusion, found in the track. We watch the guys have fun with each other, but see things take a more serious turn whenever Nathan is alone. The guys revealed: “We teamed up with our good friend Nicholas Spence and shot the clip in the place where we all grew up, the suburbs of Montreal. In the video, we try to capture both the excitement and the uneasiness of the song’s themes. We all had a great time shooting and making fun of the video, and we hope our listeners can enjoy the song like we do with their friends.“You can check it out below.

You can listen to “call it what you want” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

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