Lionsgate Million Dollars Heist Thriller Pitch Black Collage William N. Collage Kenya Barris – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Lionsgate Won Auction And Paying North Of $ 1 Million And Under $ 2 Million For Black collar, a heist thriller to be written by William N. Collage and produced by Kenya Barris through its Khalabo Ink Society banner. Lionsgate pulled it off the table as bidders circled around. It is one of the biggest pitch deals of the year.

A secret specific plot, but it is a thriller heist adventure around the world that would be remembered by hits like The Thomas Crown affair and Inside man but with a new contemporary way with topical themes. Scenario collage Emancipation, which became a $ 4 million script sold to Apple for a film currently in production starring Will Smith and directed by Antoine Fuqua. Collage also scripted Exodus, Assassin’s Creed, the last installment of Divergent, and the ABC series Kings and prophets among his credits. Collage is executive producer.

Barris’ Khalabo Ink Society continues to grow, with an Audible podcast deal and the launch of Khalabo Music based on Interscope. Barris has co-wrote a movie with Jonah Hill and will direct. with Hill featured; he writes, directs and produces a film about comic book icon Richard Pryor, has an animated film inspired by the songs and music of Bob Marley, and is working on a remake of White men can’t jump. He also has Blood brothers, a documentary on the friendship between Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, which Netflix launches on September 9.

James Myers of Lionsgate will oversee and the deal was negotiated by Robert Melnik of Lionsgate. Barris and Collage are replaced by CAA, who packed the deal. Barris is managed by Artists First and Lawyer by Gregg Gellman, and Collage is managed by Cliff Roberts of Syndicate – who is an executive producer Black collar – and his lawyer is Jeff Frankel.

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