PDP, only threat to the APGA in Anambra – Faction chair

Despite the crisis in the All Progressives Grand Alliance, a national party chairman, Leader Edozie Njoku, has said the party will win the next gubernatorial election in Anambra state.

According to him, the only threat to the APGA in the state is the People’s Democratic Party.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday in Abuja, Njoku said he was ready to reconcile with leader Victor Oye, who was reportedly removed from his post as national chairman by some party officials.

He assured that the internal crisis resulting from the parallel primaries of the governors a few weeks ago in Awka, the capital of the state, would not affect the fortunes of the ruling party in the state.

The APGA leader further claimed that the Independent National Electoral Commission recognized him as the genuine chairman of the party, despite his position that he had been suspended.

He said: “Forget the ongoing internal crisis, I want to assure every member of the party that the APGA will win Anambra State. I don’t need to announce it again because I said we were going to meet.

“I said Victor Oye was my last national president, and I have no problem coming to terms with him.

“We observed that someone’s name was published as the APGA candidate for the Anambra Governorate ballot.

“I want to tell the APGA members to stay calm because there is no need to sound the alarm.”

Speaking on the list released by INEC last week, he noted: “My main assurance is that Anambra is an APGA state and the only threat I know of is the PDP; they can only do their best, but Anambra is truly a PGAA state.

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