Team Roc lawsuit accuses Kansas City PD of covering up misconduct

Team Roc attacked the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department with a misconduct lawsuit seeking complaints about the police department’s behavior.

Lawyers for Jay-Z’s philanthropic group wrote in the file that “for decades, members of the KCKPD abused their positions of power and authority to solicit and coerce witness statements and fabricated testimony, produce evidence. evidence, obtain sexual favors, withhold exculpatory evidence and cover up their own misconduct and ignore the misconduct of others.

The Roc team’s lawsuit claims the department refused to share files regarding the officers’ alleged misconduct.

The trial continues, claiming that the department “refused to produce documents relating to any internal investigation into wrongdoing by specific members of the KCKPD, preventing the public from assessing whether the KCKPD properly supervised its agents, investigating on any complaint and dealt with allegations of misconduct. against members of his force.

The record indicates a number of instances of alleged misconduct. One of those incidents involved an officer who was allegedly accused of “buying sex” this year. In 2020, another officer was reportedly charged with sex crimes related to a minor.

“Allowing the public to gain insight into the extent and magnitude of misconduct within the KCKPD will help ensure that the KCKPD is subject to the scrutiny and scrutiny of the community it is supposed to.” protect and defend, ”says the lawsuit.

Last year, Team Roc expanded its philanthropic efforts to uncover the cruel conditions detainees were subjected to in a Mississippi prison, particularly with regards to healthcare.

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