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Composed of the “constantly evolving” duo of Jason Couse and Wes Marskell, The Darcys have been inviting us into their sumptuous alt-rock universe for years. The guys have released five albums so far, each filled with vivid imagery and expressive lyrics that showcase their creativity and attention to detail. Since these albums serve as separate eras for The Darcys, you never really know what to expect from them, but you end up loving what you get anyway. Offering a new glimpse into their next era, Wes and Jason bring us the sprawling “Running For The Hills”.

Inspired by their recent move from Toronto to Los Angeles, Wes shared,

“Toronto will always be my home, but I’ve always had this love affair with Los Angeles (something I probably didn’t remove very well from our last records). With everything going on in the world this year, I packed my things and moved to LA. There was no sign, no big gesture, it was just like now or never. I’m well aware that the bright lights of LA can often be a mirage, but I needed to experience it for myself. This city has spat out people far better than I have over the years, and I could easily be just another one of them, but it’s a fate I’d rather try than live forever without knowing it. Basically, that’s what “Running For The Hills” is. It’s about change and it’s about looking forward, not back.

We hear that change loud and clear on the track, as Jason reflects on wasted opportunities and risks that were never taken. On playful guitar riffs and explosive rhythms, he sings: “I wasted so much time / Thinking things were going to change / And no matter what I tried / They always seem to stay the same. The more he shares, the more we feel his urge to embrace the unknown and make this race for the hills. You can listen to it below.

You can listen to “Running For The Hills” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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