The ready-to-use bet of BJP’s “clean occupancy model”

Politically bold and original thinking, innovative approach and taking comments seriously – this is how senior BJP leaders describe the unprecedented exercise in Gujarat where the entire cabinet of the former minister in Chief Vijay Rupani was allowed to make way for Fresh Faces.

Some call it the “clean occupation model” while the opposition takes the opportunity to question the BJP, saying that the massive collapse of the Council of Ministers shows that the government has failed in Gujarat. However, BJP leaders News18 spoke to said the exercise was in fact an exercise “only the BJP led by a strong prime minister like Narendra Modi could have performed.” Live updates here

This is the first time in the history of independent India that such a step has been taken in a state, a senior party leader said. “It shows political audacity and original thinking. It is an innovative approach to solve certain problems in a new way and a radical change in the way politics are played, ”said the leader. The BJP has been in power in Gujarat for over 25 years now and narrowly won the last election. “This is an exercise to improve the equation of BJP with the people,” said one leader.

Comments – positive and negative

Another party leader said this large-scale change shows the kind of feedback mechanism that exists within the party and how seriously it is taken. News18 previously reported that a detailed examination carried out over a few months by party state official Bhupender Yadav and National Secretary General (Organization) BL Santhosh revealed that a certain level of dissatisfaction among the population had arisen. also developed against the then Chief Minister, Vijay Rupani. like its Council of Ministers.

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But won’t Congress have a field day now by claiming that the BJP had to give up its entire cabinet just 15 months before the election, showing the government to be a failure? A BJP source retorted that there was no Congress in any state equation. “The only equation in Gujarat is between the people and the BJP. We are improving our equation with people with this exercise, ”said the source.

The Council of Ministers appears to have the stamp of approval of State Party President CR Paatil with lots of representation from southern Gujarat and good representation of Patidars and CBOs, with more young faces and women. It also strengthens the equation between the party and the government ahead of the election, with Paatil getting most of the time.

Another source also added that the BJP’s approach to Gujarat is in stark contrast to congressional-led states like Rajasthan or Punjab, where Congress hasn’t even been able to effect minor cabinet shuffles given bitter internal struggles within the party. “Therefore, the difference with Congress is even more striking. At BJP, discipline matters, ”the source said. Former Gujarat Deputy CM Nitin Patel, however, appears unhappy with the exercise and has made devious statements as if no one could ever take it from the hearts of the people.

For many, this clean slate change is reminiscent of that line in an old light bulb advertisement – Saare Ghar ke Badal Dalunga!

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