Tinlicker Impresses Once Again With Latest Single “Be Here And Now”

Tinlicker Impresses Once Again With Latest Single “Be Here And Now”

The critically acclaimed Dutch duo Tinlicker (Micha heyboer and Jordi van Achthoven) has built a solid reputation for being one of the best melodic house bands in the business today. For their latest outing into the deep world of house music, they teamed up with the British singer and songwriter. Nathan Nicholson to amaze us all with the single Be here and now, which arrived with a stimulating music video last week.

Featuring a vibrant chord progression and nostalgic break melody layered over Tinlicker’s signature progressive sounds that develop throughout the song, Be here and now has completely captured the hearts of melodic house enthusiasts across the industry who already demand an extensive mix for it. The sentimental voice of Nathan Nicholson goes a long way to embrace the whole vibe of the song. Here’s what Nathan had to say about this intriguing collaboration with the duo –

“When Tinlicker first sent me the instrumental for this song, long before they gave it any rhythm, I fell in love with it – just the piano and strings. It was very powerful and a lot of lyrics and the whole melody came out on my first pass. The lyrics speak of a longing for the past and of innocence to grow up. I lost my mother when I was eighteen and in less than a year I moved from Tennessee to England, so my childhood to adulthood has a very strong line between the two. I am at constant war with longing – the other life – and where I am right now. In this song, I just tell myself to have respect for my past, but not to be indebted to it.

Well don’t take our word for it, go see Be Here and Now for yourself –

Image credits – Tinlicker (via Instagram)

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