What launch options are available to the Texas Rangers after the MLB trade deadline?

The Texas Rangers may or may not be on the verge of parting ways with several pitchers by the trade deadline next week, including starter Kyle Gibson and closest Ian Kennedy. If the Rangers break up with one, both, or maybe even more arms, they’ll need extra innings from the pitching staff.

Yes, that could mean Jordan Lyles and Mike Foltynewicz are staying a bit longer. The duo lead Major League Baseball in licensed circuits and have seen plenty of ups and downs (honestly, more of these). But the Rangers need stability in the rotation, especially if there are more innings needed from the internal options.

John King, who has already been stretched to pitch more innings, is expected to return from a minor injury soon. He could help eat up a few innings in the final two months of the season.

The next pitcher in the line to be laid is Taylor Hearn. He has added a lead to his repertoire this season and, despite the ups and downs, has been able to play a variety of roles for the Rangers this season.

“I don’t think we completely stretch it to begin with, like 80 or 90 shots,” Woodward said. “I would like to see once through [the order]. Maybe more than that just to see what it looks like. “

Two pitchers who won’t be part of the immediate response are Kyle Cody and Matt Bush.

Both pitchers have the majority of the season due to injuries. While manager Chris Woodward didn’t get a full medical update on either pitch on Monday, he didn’t seem optimistic about a return in the next few days or weeks.

Along with Cody, Woodward said he is recovering “slowly” with “setbacks here and there.” In Bush’s case, Woodward said he was “still quite a ways off.” However, Bush found a way to make an impact on the team by staying in the clubhouse and talking to prospects who arrived before the draft.

“He’s been a good presence for us,” said Woodward. “He wants to be active and be a part of this.”

Regarding the length of the Lyles and Foltynewicz leash, Chris Woodward demanded that they must play. However, stressed the importance of having veterans in the starting rotation with such a young group of pitchers around them.

“There has to be a performance standard that they have to meet,” said Woodward. “But philosophically speaking, these guys are important. And they show a lot of our young guys – the Kolby Allards, the Dane Dunnings – when they have a tough date, how do they deal with it? What do they do next? there are a few examples to give. “

But Woodward reiterated, “If we get to the point where we feel like we need to take a step, we will.”

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